Monday, July 27, 2009

Layla is house broken!

It's done. It's over. It's complete. And I am happy.

It's not perfect yet, she has had a few close calls and near misses. But the child is peeing and pooping on the potty on the regular.

We dared to take her out of the house to test her new skill. Mike took her to the pet store to look around. Came back successful, with an new favorite animal. Tarantulas. Fuck.

I took her to Once Upon a Child to sell the damn swing that Evie hates and takes up far more room than you think it should. She was doing well until she came out of the car bed that she was playing in, crying. I did the whole "what's wrong, honey", and "are you hurt" probing. And I'm met with the heartbreaking look of panic and desperate whispered "doo doo butt"!

Hang on baby, I'll get you to the bathroom, hang on! I repeat as I swoop her up and make a mad dash to the room of filth that OUAC pushes off as their bathroom. I slap on the toddler ring that has undoubtedly been shit on by thousands of kids (and a few freaky adults) while pulling down her underwear and jeans.

Skidmarks. Damn. Ah, but only skidmarks, there is hope! I set her down, she freaks out for a few seconds (affirming her intelligence because any sane person SHOULD freak out after being placed on that filth) and then, wait for it,


In a public bathroom.

I believe the battle is over.

Lara Jensen from, thank you.

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  1. Thanks for the adults with shit fetish visual. I'm throwing up in my mouth a little and laughing as any sane person would.