Monday, August 31, 2009

And Then She Mean Mugged Me.

Oh Layla, you little spawn of the devil. You little turd muffin. You Evil shit.

We were driving to daycare this morning. We have about a 20 minute drive in which we listen to the radio and chat. Layla wasn't exceptionally grumpy, but she wasn't happy by any stretch of the imagination.

I asked her if she wanted her juice.

"I want apple juice". Like she'd have any choice at that point cause we're in the car and if was crystal light, she'd be assed out. Luckily it was apple. I hand it back and after 2 minutes I look back because it's been entirely too quiet for too long.

There she still, still gulping it down. Wowser kid, slow your roll. So I smile at her. One of those big, over exaggerated smiles that usually cracks her up.

And what does she do?

Dude, she mean mugs me. She narrows her eyes, and while still sucking her juice down out of the straw, slowly shakes her head back and forth.

Now I don't know what she was saying no to, or if she was just schooling me for being silly with her, or just for looking at her. When she's in that mood, who knows. But there she sat, mean mugging me.

And so I just looked away. And continued to drive, like a good mommy.

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  1. OMG this sounds ever so familiar to my drive to work this morning. Mia was pissed because her favorite shirt was in the dirty laundry pile. I have obviously failed her as a mother.