Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're out of 'step ups' for Layla's beds

Layla started, just as Evie has, with sleeping in a co-sleeper/in bed with us. When she reached the point where she attempted little baby suicide and jumped out of the co-sleeper, we moved her to the crib. She spent a long time in the crib until she was frequently attempting little toddler suicide and jumping out of the crib.

Our next step was pulling the front off the crib and having her sleep in a frontless crib, as a toddler bed, and this has worked really well for us. Well, in anticipation of Evie making her first attempt for freedom in the next few months, we needed to re-claim the crib. So we brought Layla into her room while we put the front back on the crib, added the mobile and talked about it being a baby bed. We also involved her putting the waterproof sheet and bedding on the twin bed and moving her blankets over there. She was very excited through this whole process, and even laid down, covered herself, and asked for story time.

And then reality hit for her. After Mike read a story, she realized that she wasn't going back to her old bed. I went in and spent the next hour doing battle with her. It included laying with her, moving her old music aquarium to the bed, disciplining her for trying to climb in the crib, and finally telling her that she had a choice. Sleep in her new bed, or sleep on the floor. At this point, Evie started crying and Mike came in to take over.

Last we knew, she was on the floor with her books. I still have no idea if she slept in her bed, on the floor, or snuck into the crib. PLEASE let it be the bed. I don't want to fight about it again tonight.

But like any other milestone my kids reach, I have stabs of pain and sadness over just how quickly my children are growing up. The minute I saw her in that bed, I saw her having a sleepover with a little buddy sleeping on the other twin bed (it's a trundle). Good gods.


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  2. Aaaw, they do grow up too fast... :(