Thursday, September 3, 2009

Child, you're forgiven

And with three little words, all the chaos, stress, anger, and anxiety that my toddler has given me was washed away and forgotten.

"Watch Dog Whisperer"?

The clouds parted. Light shone on her with a brightness never before seen. Angels sang. And hope was restored.

Sure, baby. Anytime. Would you like some chocolate cake? A stick of butter? A full size backhoe? Ask me now, cause I'd probably give it to you.

When you grow up, you'd better thank Cesar Millan for saving your damn life and giving me a reason to let you live.


  1. I have a little something for you that I picked up at the Vet's office. email me your mail address please please please. I asked everyone so it could be an awesome surprise in the mail, but alas, no dice. xo

  2. I wonder if Cesar could be classified as "a little something". You're sending me Cesar, aren't you? YIPPEE!