Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kennel Cough

From the moment my kids go back to daycare, until the next summer, they suffer from kennel cough. The girls go to a small in home daycare, but those 8 or so kids sure do a good job of sharing. Their crud, at least. We should own stock in Kleenex for all the nose wiping we do.

I don’t so much mind the average kennel cough that just lingers and doesn’t spike a fever or make them too miserable. And we’ve been fortunate to avoid a lot of the biggies, the flu, for example. But there are moments that I look at my beautiful girls’ faces and want to kiss them all over, until I take of the rose colored glasses and see the thin layer of snot sparkling on their upper lips.

I also think that Layla sees it as another play product, similar to play doh or moon sand. I witnessed her taking a big hunk between her fingers the other day and playing with it. And then eating it. I will never get that image out of my head. Really? You’ll eat snot, but asking you to drink some milk is torture?

Meh, so kennel cough it is. At least they will have uber-immune systems when they get older.

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