Saturday, September 12, 2009

Topic du jour is snot. Again.

Layla had a rough night. She pissed the bed, like she does frequently, at 2 and had to be washed off. Let's face it, it sucks to have to get wet, even if it's just a damp cloth, when you've been sleeping. Needless to say, she was wide awake and mad, so she had a lot of alone awake time in her room until she fell back to sleep. Oh yeah, and the light is on, cause she is afraid of everything right now. Recipe for disaster? Ayep.

When she woke up this morning, I was expecting to be greeted with a disaster zone in her room. I open the door to my kid with blood caked on and dried on her face. And her smiling little face with a finger pointed directly at the center of the massacre.

"Mama, I have snot on my nose. Right here. Do you see it"?

What to do, what to do. Play it off like it's snot, or start to teach her what a bloody nose is? Since she's afraid of damn near everything, the truth is a dangerous route. But one I chose.

She really didn't get it, but at least I tried to explain the dried blood covering her pillow, without giving her a complex about blood. Yet.

I had hoped that she would avoid inheriting this particular issue. I should have known better.

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