Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween is the gift that just keeps giving

Last night while I was out recharging sans kids, I stumbled on the parent discovery of a lifetime. Halloween costumes at 90% off at Target. Have you priced dress up clothes lately? Halloween costumes=the best freaking dress up clothes EVER.

And add that each only cost between $2-$3, and it was a goldmine find. One that I'm certain that countless other crafty parents have stumbled on and thought themselves a genius, but I can live with that. I'm willing to bet that I'm in good company.

So here I sit, watching my kid dress up in a velvet wizard's cloak, army fatigues, a medieval princess, a witch, and a host of other awesome costumes and literally feel her imagination exploding.

And the best news? She seems to like doing it by herself, which means I don't have to play. And THAT little piece of good news just jumped this from goldmine find status, to the freaking holy grail. I love non-parenting activities.

1 comment:

  1. bought the kids shirts for a dollar each - one with bats and one with skulls - totally acceptable for year round in my book - $1 each. SWEET!

    I also bought the baby her costume for next year for a whopping $3 and the cutest stuffed pumpkin bucket for $4. So $7 and my will be 19 month olds costume is already planned and paid for! I am so ahead of things!