Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Layla now speaks 3 languages

And her own made up gibberish.

Sadly this made up gibberish frequently includes inadvertent real words. For instance.

Mike heard her call me a "dirty pussy".

Today I heard her use the words "crack cunt".

I mean, she's bound to hit on some real words with all the words she's pulling out of her ass, but why do they have to be these in particular?

Now I realize (hi mom) that I cuss a lot in my blog and in my grown folks life, but I DO NOT swear in front of my kids. Okay, my child of thinking. Evie still gets an earful every now and then. So I know that she isn't picking this up around here. But it is nearly impossible to maintain a neutral face when she hits on a doozy.

And boy has she had some good ones.

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