Thursday, January 28, 2010

Clown kids

I like bright colors.  I dress my girls in bright clothes.  Some (Mike) might say clownishly bright.

Whatever.  I keep Hanna Andersson in business, and I will always be able to find my children in the crowd.

I spent endless hours online when Layla was first born searching for bold colored newborn and infant clothes.  And ya know what?  There is next to nothing out there.  Hmm, if I had any ambition...

And while you'll never see pictures of my kids on this blog,  you'd know them in a heartbeat.  Two little mixed kids running around Alaska dressed like 80s crack heads?  Kinda hard to miss.  So I won't say anything about your kid in their pastel Pooh outfit if you don't talk shit about my kid in her lime green and purple gear.  Deal?

And who knew that people would actually be offended by an infant in a black onsie?

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