Thursday, February 11, 2010

Worst ever "that's what she said"

The whole "that's what she said" phenomenon has livened up our monotonous parenting days by adding an extra big dose of funny to otherwise meaningless stuff.

Point of reference for those of you not familiar with the trend (hi mom and dad).

After asking Mike how tall he was, his coworker who has a bad habit of walking into the worst ones stated "you're not trying to wiggle an extra inch or two in on me, are you sir?"

And then you say "that's what she said" turning it ridiculously sexual and funny.

The other night at dinner Layla was trying to eat a whole spear of asparagus at once.  And without thinking, the following fell out of my mouth.

"Honey, don't try and shove it all in your mouth at once or you'll gag".

Mike and I couldn't even look at each other.

And if you (mom and dad) already knew this, we'll just consider it similar to the time when watching Dirty Dancing, I turned to my mom and told her that 'bun in the oven' means pregnant.

I have always been terribly smart.

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