Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Candy Land

I played Candy Land with Layla for the first time today.  I hated that game as a kid, and I like it even less now having attempted to teach my kid to play it.  She can follow the directions of the cards and move her "guy" to the right square, but she simply doesn't grasp the concept of the game.  So I stacked the deck so that she could win as quickly as possible and let her play with the board, guys, and cards.

I sincerely hope to avoid that torture session again until she has a few more neurons firing.  We also have the game Memory and that one sucks even worse than Candy Land.  How many times can you turn the same two cards over before you get that you're trying to find matching ones, and clearly that cake and cat you keep picking DO NOT MATCH?

It's not any more encouraging when I look over at Evie and she is sitting with a pair of pants on her head and laughing hysterically.

Are there any parents, anywhere,  who enjoy playing these ridiculous games with kids who don't even understand them yet?  Hell, I'm going to hate them so much by the time she does "get it" that I'm gonna cheat so much and so badly that she's never going to ask to play again.


  1. It's not nearly as fun since they changed the places on the board. I always wanted to get to the top to that ice cream looking thing and perhaps even pouted when I got the blue square with the black dot. Maybe Chutes and Ladders is her game.

  2. Forget spring break - you need to go back to work. :) Okay - maybe give spring break one more try if Evie is going to pull that nonsense.