Sunday, March 7, 2010


Like mother, like daughter, I guess.  Layla started complaining about her vagina hurting again.  Since she's on antibiotics, I'm certain that it's a yeast infection.  It got really bad for her, and I tried to give her a bath in baking soda to help calm it down, but that didn't work.  When she got to the point where she was screaming, crying, and grabbing her crotch, I went digging through my stuff and luckily found some monistat cream.

You would have thought that I was raping her.  It was horrible.  She clamped her little knees together tighter than a Catholic school girl is supposed to and screamed bloody murder.  It was painfully uncomfortable for me to have to force her legs open to apply the cream.  She was so upset and still hurting that I sat and snuggled her for about 30 minutes when we were done.  Then we turned on Scooby Doo and she fell asleep on the couch.

The good news is that I've learned that she is fully capable of putting herself on lockdown and I am hopeful that she will use this skill on any future boyfriends until she's truly ready to have sex.


  1. We've experienced the lockdown here as well. Usually when she's got a messy poop smooshed into every crevice possible. Thank goodness most of her poops are on the potty now and we don't have to deal with that very often. It just feels so very wrong to pry your little girl's legs apart to get at her vulva, but I know letting the poop stay there would lead to even more problems and soreness.

  2. Anne, that's EXACTLY it. I was physically sick to my stomach prying her legs open while she was screaming her head off. Bad, bad, bad.