Friday, March 5, 2010

I think I had a date

Mike and I took advantage of having a full day of daycare and not so full day of work.  And we decided to make the most of it.

Before I get there, though, I attended my kid's first birthday party today.  Tomorrow is really her birthday, but we're not doing any sort of party, so I brought all the crap to Elba's for the party that she would throw for her anyway.  I was able to leave work to go down while they served cupcakes and ice cream and did the whole birthday thing, because I wanted photograph documentation that a party did happen.

I would like to say that it went well, but the minute she saw me, meltdown ensued.  Okay, not meltdown, but she damn sure didn't care about anything else around her.  We worked really hard and were able to get a couple of decent shots, but nothing special.  At least there is proof that we cared enough to take credit for a party.  And tomorrow when we have a small bit of nothing here, I won't feel too guilty.

Anyway, so when I finished what I needed to do for the work day, Mike and I met for lunch.  It's the first time since May that we've been out together, sans kids.  And we were even able to see a movie!  The movie sucked, but it was nice to be together, just the two of us.  We've made parenting choices that include not using babysitters outside of daycare, at least to this point.  I'm not big on disrupting their routine, and even less excited about strangers or former students in our house.  While I'm comfortable with that choice, it does make it tough to get together time outside of the house, without the kids.

Between that and the bottle of wine that I have waiting, I just might be ready to face 9 days of parenting.


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