Thursday, March 25, 2010

So tired.

Longest fucking day in the history of crappy long days.  12 hours is WAY too long to spend at school.  Around kids.  And their parents.  Kids and parents suck.  Upon further review, I've decided that I don't want to ever be either.  Can I call take backs?

The girls did great.  Absolutely great.  Layla was very slow to warm up to the twins, but once she did, she was playing, drawing, and talking to them.  Evie was her same smily and engaging self.  It was a good night for them.

I worry about my girls.  I worry because they are so very different and people gravitate to Evie like flies to shit.  Or bees to honey, I guess that's the analogy that would be more fitting and appropriate here.  People want to love on her and make her giggle, cause she does giggle and touch people's hearts with her big, dumb, smile.  And there stands Layla, not really saying anything and often chewing on her nails.  Gah!  Please, baby.  Please be the confident little spitfire that you are when you're in your comfort zone.  Please don't grow to resent your sister for the attention that she gets.  Please don't be sad or feel shorted when the kids at daycare run up to Evie and try to get her to laugh and don't say good morning to you.  Please let this be a phase that you learn to work through.  You are one of the funniest damn kids that I have ever met and I adore you.  People love to hear stories about you, but then they meet you and wonder if I've been making it all up.

"No, she's just slow to warm up to people".

And that's okay, bug.  Walk to your different beat, I just don't want you to hurt when you're doing it.  You're a watcher and a thinker.  I have a feeling I know where you get that from.

The night ended with a bang when I had to go get yet another antibiotic that will target the "bug" that was identified in the culture growth that they took on Sunday, since the one that she was taking wouldn't work for it.  So I loaded my exhausted kids in the car to leave school, lugged them out of the car and into the grocery store to get the prescription, some string cheese, and some chocolate.  Dump the contents of my cart with the coffee area attendant when Layla informed me that she had to go potty.  Get those items back from the attendant when she informed me that she really didn't have to go potty after opening the door and seeing the bathroom.  Walk to the other side of the store to get the prescription and check out, only to hear "I SERIOUSLY need to go potty, mama" over and over until I ran her, yet again, to the other side of the store to pee.

And then we got home, and we had to do overtired bedtime routine with two girls who had eaten too much junk.  And Layla "made sick in the toilet" either from the 3 tangerines that she ate, or yet another new antibiotic that she started tonight.  Either way, the kid puked.  Fortunately it hit the toilet.  That's some good news, no?


  1. Conference schedule SUCKS. Districts need to come up with a model that doesn't cut into family time and that matches the 24/7 availability of online gradebooks. Stupid conference schedules.

    Little thinkers and watchers are way cooler than cutie pie babies because those are attributes that will never be outgrown. :) Evie will come into her own attributes once cutie pie babyhood is shed and her chosen attributes will be equally intriguing. You already know this. :)

  2. I know Kerty, I know. It's easy to forget though when you watch them come into themselves tripping and falling everywhere.