Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring thaw

It's spring time in Alaska.  The snow is slowly starting to melt, and the smell of rotting dog shit assaults you the moment you step outdoors.  The lengthening days start the neurotic need to DO SOMETHING to make up for the little daylight we've had for the last several months.  It tends to make being a mom easier because all the busy work and constant motion that exhausted me not two months ago, seems easier to stomach and downright tolerable at times.  In fact, the thought of doing nothing is a little depressing.  They say that the secret to life is balance.  Well, we have very little of that here in a lot of ways, and that may contribute to our high crime and alcoholism rates.

The kids can feel it.  They are fighting bedtime a little bit more and their energy levels go up too.  Except, that's not such a good thing when you still have to be cooped up in the house staring at the big park and playground equipment not 100 yards from here.  Oh well, their internal clocks will adjust soon enough and they'll be out in the park in no time.

In the mean time, we drag about 5 pounds of sand, dirt, and gravel in the house on our shoes and dog every time we come in, and I watch my white carpet morph into a muddy gray.  The same gray color that 90% of the cars in town are right now from the coating of filth that covers them.  I washed mine on Saturday and found that it's actually silver.  I had forgotten.

Oh, and a seagull has replaced the resident eagle on the big cheesy plastic rollerskate.  I'd pay to know how that went down.

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