Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vitamin D

There is an interesting thing that happens during the winter in Alaska.  It gets dark.  I'm fairly certain that there are few places on earth where it's common practice to be given the rickets talk by their pediatrician.  I would be willing to explore how to make sure the girls get it so we could travel around the country as our own little rickets freak show.  But honestly, I can't see that much money in it.  And traveling with non-drugged kids is a bitch.

With daylight savings and the added minutes every day, it's hard to not enjoy the shift in the universe.  And there may just be something to this whole vitamin D thing.  Since I simply haven't gotten back to the point with my walking that I don't do it without grumbling much of the way, even though it takes me away from my children, that extra dose of the big D might be slamming the door on the winter funks.

Maybe I'll even start liking my non-ricketed kids again.

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