Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bad morning

My children are insane.  This morning was a teary, whiny, screaming, fussing, complaining, snotty, bratty, clingy, demanding, and destructive mess of teething turd monkey and tiradeous toddler from hell.

My morning consisted of endless reading, blocks building, coloring, puzzles, trains, general toy play, and otherwise suicide inducing "parenting" all meant to keep the tantrums that were ever so close to the surface in both of them, at bay.

We had a brief reprieve when we found a bee in the house and I caught it in a glass so that the girls could observe it.  But that was short lived the minute I let him go outside.

Finally, I needed a break.

This is me ignoring you.  This is me ignoring you.

"Please get out of my space"

This is me ignoring you.  This is me ignoring you.

"Will you PLEASE get out of my space for a few minutes, I need a break"

This is me ignoring you.  This is me ignoring you.  This is mama staring straight ahead into nothing, working to not mash her teeth together because TMJ is a bitch, and willing my body to relax.  But if my outside mirrored what was happening on the inside it would look a little more interesting.

Inside I'm an ear plugging, eyes slammed shut, sobbing, rocking back and forth mess of SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GET OFF ME.  CAN'T YOU ENTERTAIN YOURSELF FOR ONE GOD DAMN MINUTE?

They're napping now.  I didn't kill them.  I swear.  I mean her.  I didn't kill HER.  Because I've only ever had the one.


  1. It must have been going around, April. I was counting down the minutes til Jeff got home yesterday starting at 7:45 am. Hopefully today was much better for you!

  2. TV is your friend on days like that :) Trust me, Dora has saved my children on more than one occasion. LOL