Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't smother your sister

Last night I was in the bathroom and I hear Mike yelling at Layla and giving her a time out.  Come to find out, she had taken all of the pillows, stuffed animals and anything else soft that she could find and had completely covered Evie while she lay sleeping in her crib.  Mike was tipped off by Evie waking up just enough to give a little squawk.

Since murder is a capital offense, Mike laid into her pretty hard.  And I literally watched her little heart break as she was trying to process her feelings.  She started huffing, her little bottom lip came out, tears started building, and her fists clenched.  Just when you thought she would blow, she looked up at Mike, and with the most pathetic and honest voice she has, stated "I'm just weally sssssaaaaaaaaddddddd, daddy. Can you snuggle me?"

As heart wretching as it was to watch her be so sad, it was neat to watch her feel, identify the feelings correctly, and then communicate them to us.  Kinda cool.

And then she ruined it by started to tell us that if WE don't stop being naughty, blah, blah, blah.  I guess she had gotten the reassurance that she needed from daddy's snuggle and was ready to be a brat again.  At least that's the story that I'm sticking to.  No, she isn't an asshole, she's just really, really loved, secure, and assured enough to test her boundaries.

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