Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The World According to Layla

We haven't done much of the United States puzzle in the last two months or so.  It's too difficult with Evie at the age that she's at because she wants to "help" and Layla wants to beat her like she stole something for "helping".  Too many little pieces and a big wide open board that when bumped is too easy to jimmy the states every which way.

After I put Evie down (as close to asleep as I could so that we could try and avoid the Lilith Fair Fiasco we've been battling lately), Mike started doing the puzzle with her.  Now I don't know if she's been watching too many political shows with all of the coverage of profiling and illegal aliens, but she's more than a little confused.

The states included Mexico and Mexisota.  We also had a Myzippy, but at least it wasn't Mexizippi.

And now she's mid tantrum and doing the hard cry gasp wind down that only kids can master.

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