Monday, July 26, 2010

We're all going a little crazy

It's been raining.  A lot.  For a long time.  And we're all losing our minds.

I can handle drizzle and sprinkling.  Hell, even intermittent showers.  But it's been raining steady for a week now.  No park.  The last bike ride we took left me drenched and the dog smelling like road kill.  And I hate playing all the reindeer games that kids seem to favor while cooped up for any length of time.

By the time we realized that we were going bat shit crazy yesterday, every indoor option that we had open to us to burn off some energy was closed.  Today included separate trips for Mike and I out of the house for things that we needed to take care of, and we didn't take the girls anywhere.  This, coupled with their refusal to nap, has led us to this critical point.

We finally had a friend over and he brought his two kids tonight, but none of the kids were really into playing together all that much.  Play date fail, although it did kill some time.  Bath time is currently eating several more minutes off this endless day.

Tomorrow MUST include a trip out for them and something active.

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