Monday, August 9, 2010

That was horrible

Mike and I decided to take the girls to the music on the park today.  There's a band that plays kid's music every Monday during the summer.  It's fun and it's something different for an hour.  And the best thing?  It's free.

Today we were walking up and heard the music stop and one of the musicians yell for a doctor or someone who knows CPR.  And we were just in time to see someone whacking the shit out of a little 18 months old girl who was chocking on something.

I've never held much of a fear of choking for my kids.  I realize that a lot of people do and I caught a glimpse of that a few days with a close friend of mine.  Her little boy got something lodged in his throat and she couldn't get it.  She had to call 911 and he eventually worked it out and is fine, but I caught a glimpse of maddening and traumatic that could be for a mom.

But today, I watched it.  I SAW it happen.  They got the 'whatever it was' out and the paramedics came.  And 10 minutes after they got it worked out when her mom was carrying her to the ambulance, she was so tired and lethargic that it was difficult to look at her.  It was heart wrenching and it gave me pause.

I still gave the girls whole grapes for dessert, but I paid closer attention to them while they ate.

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