Monday, October 18, 2010


Mike: "Layla, I really need you to finish eating a good dinner".

Layla: "So?"

Heh.  She almost got drop kicked into a wall by daddy o.

Evie spent the entire dinner being gross.  She got her chocolate milk in a regular cup tonight after pitching a fit when Layla got hers that way.  And after finishing it, she put random food items in the slosh left behind and "drank" the rest of her dinner.  We had salmon.  Chocolate milk covered salmon.  And pearled cous cous.  And some carrots.  And then she put the cup upside down on her head.

Layla is in her room RIGHT NOW lying to Mike.  She told him that Evie turned on the light, and Evie can't reach the light.

"Dad, can you get that feather on the floor?"
"Layla, you can't see it, it's dark".
"I saw it when I turned the light on".
"You said Evie turned the light on".
"She did, twice".
"Evie can't reach the ligtht".
"She pulled her bed over".

He finally got her to tell the truth, and now I'm hearing the lecture.  The kid is doomed.  Both of her parents were little lying bastards growing up.

Tomorrow I start yoga.  I don't think it's best to be so tense that your jaw aches when you walk into your first yoga class.

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