Friday, January 14, 2011

Dinosaurs can fly!

Layla and I battle over everything.  Mike points out that if we are like this now, what will it be like when she's 12?  I have a lot of long years ahead of us.  I must crush her.

Last night we were driving home and she started throwing a fit about something.  I don't even remember what it was, but she was pissed.  So pissed at me, in fact, that she chucked her hard plastic dinosaur with a pointy tail at me, while I was driving.

That dinosaur almost went out the window.  The ONLY thing that stopped me was knowing how expensive those stupid toys are and that it would be littering with a hard plastic toy that carries a pointy tail with it, in the middle of the road.  Probably not safe. 

"Oh Layla, when we throw our toys like that, they go away".

So, into the console it went and I told her that she can't have it back for two days. 

She was so moved by this act of discipline that she promptly asked me for a sucker because they are kept in the console and the act of me opening it to store her toy reminded her of that.

Next time I'm driving to a donation bin and making her put it in. 

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