Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hour 44 of Potty Training

The battle continues, and the opponent is fierce and stubborn. But, little does she know, this IS one fight that we will win. If we survive.

We have not left the house the entire time, and won't until she gets it. This is not a good recipe for potty training with a calm and positive environment, but I won't fool myself into believing that it would ever be THAT environment around here, regardless of circumstances.

We had a breakthrough a few hours ago. She hadn't pooped since we started this process and has been afraid and confused about it. Finally she could hold it no longer. I'm certain that she was prairie dogging it for some time before she finally showed signs of letting loose and when she did, daddy was ready. He swooped her up and made it to the bathroom with mad speed. And with minor skid marks in her underwear, she dropped her first turd in the toilet.

I'm so proud.

And as I watch her walk around the house with little Dora panty wedgies (the start of a life long battle with wedgies), I'm a bit nostalgic and sad about how quickly she is growing up.

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