Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mama's Gotta Vacuum!

I have discovered a way to harness Layla's fear of the vacuum and use it to help keep me sane. The moment that the vacuum is pulled out, Layla bolts to the highest ground that she can find and sits with the stillness never before believed possible, until the vacuuming is finished.

Now, Dr. Phil apparently believes that everything that we do or say to our kids gets written on their emotional wall. Well, Layla will have this sucker graffitied front and center on her wall.

When things are getting out of control, and I've had enough of her whining, or screaming, or crying, or crawling all over me, or playing with some stupid toy, I find myself saying (okay, screaming) in that high pitched voice that borders on insanity "MAMA'S GOTTA VACUUM"!

And off she goes. Those chubby little legs carry her as fast as they can down the hall and up on our bed where she sits, perched quietly, until I'm done.

It's sad that my "alone time" or "quiet time" has been reduced to the length of time that I can draw that vacuuming session out. But it is always enough time for me to regain my sanity and recharge for the next round.

And my floors have never been cleaner.

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