Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teething bites

Yea, lame, I know. But it's so true. I swear that I am living with a snapping turtle. This child actually stalks you. If you get anywhere near her, she will snatch you up and bite. Hard. She has even become a master of luring you in. I have suckered countless times by her lame "whine, whine *looks around to see if you're coming*, whine louder, only to be pounced and devoured when I get within her reach.

Our days are filled with bite, bite, chew, chew, slobber, slobber, slobber. Repeat.

I know you aren't technically supposed to let them chew on your fingers, but I don't care. She likes it, and when she is hurting, I will provide relief as I can. So for now, I will offer up my fingers and thumb pad, even if that means watching her clamp so hard that her head actually shakes with the force she is exerting.

1 comment:

  1. April you have just discribed Piper. This kid will gnaw on anything except a teething ring. She prefers bones. She likes to chomp on my boob too. I try to explain that it is not nice but she doesn't care.