Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wow, man. We are babysitting our friend's two boys. Ages 4 and 2.5. Add those to our 2.5er and 4 month old, and, well, ugh.

They're good boys, it's just a lot of energy wrapped up in tiny bodies, crammed into a small house. I am certain that I could not have done this without Mike. I pulled out every trick in the book. We colored, played basketball, "golfed", played house, painted, play doh, built a fort, and fed them nonstop. Oh, and TV. Lots and lots of TV.

The 4 year old peed in his pants. No big deal. The 2.5er won't let me change his diaper. Layla is frozen in a state of panic because she has to shit, but is either afraid or constipated. She's had about 8 frantic trips to the bathroom, only to have no success.

Aaaaaannnnnnddddddddd, I'm back. Boys are gone. Layla has shit twice. Mike is watching his DVR'ed Cubs game and I'm going to bed. Right after I shower, cause I'm sweating like a Columbian whore.


  1. Don't know if you will see comments on your earlier posts but I feel so proud that the boys' visit made your blog. They are BUSY. Thanks for giving us a night off prior to Jane's arrival.

  2. Well Christ, if I had known you were going to read it, I would have talked shit about them. Made stuff up. I have a very good imagination.