Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fuck you, doctors

I'm done. Done, done, done.

Saw the surgeon for my hernia today. I did the whole history and background of what we've thought it is, ruled out, and hoped it's not. He said. "April, it's not a hernia".

I started to wonder if he noticed the walls closing in around us, and if so, why was he ignoring it.

"I can see you're disappointed. It's frustrating to not get any answers".

Dude, are you still fucking talking? Stop talking. Stop trying to empathize with me. Take your little 4'9" ass out of this room and find someone who can help me.

Doc, why would the ultrasound guy say "hey, look at that! It's a hernia. See, right there? Hernia"?

"Well, ultrasounds are open to interpretation". What? Interpret this.

Fuck you.

Whatever. Now I have a CT scan tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they are just taking advantage of the fact that my insurance is paying 100% of everything at this point. It's a huge conspiracy. We know it isn't twat rot, varicose veins, tumor, or a hernia. What's left?


  1. I'll go activate the pussy prayer circle....

  2. I think at this point the pussy prayer circle may not be enough. shit.

  3. Oh, yes it is. Everyone just has to aim their own pussies towards Alaska.