Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gender roles run amok in our house

Day started bad, with Layla's head spinning around several times this morning, telling her to "get up out of my space", and flipping her off while she wasn't looking, all by ten. I haven't flipped someone off behind their back since my mom caught me doing it to my dad when I was like 14. Pathetic.

It got a bit better when I was able to walk 6 miles with the girls and the dog before any signs of meltdown appeared. It was a beautiful day here today. Low 60's, but sunny with a breeze. Absolutely lovely. And that always helps me feel better about things. Well, except for the fact that the sun makes me squint, creasing my forehead where I get ridiculous tan lines from it and my old ass wrinkly skin. Aging sucks monkey nuts.

The day continued to get better when I got home from the walk and was able to take a nap.

The improvement of my day came to a screeching halt with two words. "Happy Anniversary". Dude, what? Shit, it's our anniversary and I had no idea. NO IDEA. Why is my husband having to tell me that it's our anniversary? Aren't I supposed to do the whole passive aggressive milking of the guilt factor when my husband forgets something like this?

Alright, well it's no surprise to anyone who knows me that I would be the one to not know it's my anniversary, but it still kinda sucks. The good news?

Neither of us have any idea how many years we've been married.


  1. I fought the urge to flip off both my two year old and my husband in the past 48 hours. I haven't felt that urge in a long time. There must be something going around...

  2. Yeah. Moms stressed the fuck out.

  3. They only way Scott & I keep track of how many years we have been married is because of Ethan's age. Which reminds me our anniversary is tomorrow I guess I have to buy a freaking card.

    April don't feel bad blame it on stress.

  4. As long as you don't forget our anniversary.