Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh sweet jesus, you're killing me

Today was my first day back to work. It was emotionally difficult leaving Evie, and surprisingly tough to leave Beelzebub. The day itself was fine, busy, but fine. Mike brought the girls out to see me, and since Evie had refused her bottle, I was able to nurse her. She then refused to eat again until I got home. I'm fucked if this doesn't get resolved.

Okay, so I get home. And I'm tired, not exhausted, but tired. Layla was still napping, thank god, but Evie hadn't napped yet. All day. Good lord, child. So I nursed her down and dozed off for a few minutes, only to be awoken by Layla losing her god damn mind again. Why does this kid refuse to wake up in a decent mood? I mean, I know she gets it from me, but it's like Stephen King is writing her dreams and fucking with her head.

So I make a mad dash to the kitchen to busy myself preparing dinner. One of the easiest meals for me to cook magically took an insanely long time to make tonight. Huh, can't figure that one out.

Since my folks are coming tomorrow, I had to clean. My hernia hurts when I clean, so I'm fighting that, and little merry maid Layla who wants to help and only gets in the way. We eat, I give Layla a bath (cleaning the bathroom while she bathes, does it ever end?) and then I went to put Evie down.

It. Took. Forever. Overtired sucks. Luckily I have good shows DVRd back there and a friend to text with.

Now Mike is putting the ant killer to bed and we'll have some quiet time. And I KNOW he's going to ask me to twist his hair and will want sex since my folks are coming. I feel tapped out. Drained. It's the curse of the mother. And if I decide to rebel, it will be ugly.

And that's DAY ONE.

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  1. I think Layla and Derek would get along nicely. Derek doesn't scream when he wakes up from his naps- he WAILS- at the top of the stairs for the longest time! Stop crying and get down the stairs kid!

    Hope Day 2 goes better!