Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Angel Baby

I don't do the whole "blessed" thing, but there are times that I feel very fortunate to have certain moments with my children. I just had one of those moments with Evie.

She woke up midway through her nap and I went in to nurse her. After she was done, we just lay there together for a while, holding hands. And as we lay, playing handsie, watching her smile at me, and her eyes open and close, I realized something.

Babies are ALL about living in the moment. At that moment in time, all was right in Evie's world. She wasn't laying there with thoughts racing through her head. She wasn't planning on shitting on Elba on Monday, or perfecting her terradactyle scream by Wednesday, she was completely at peace. And a big part of why she was at peace was that I was there, holding her hand. And THAT is one of the greatest gifts of being a mom. The ability to provide that for my child, and enjoy the moment with them.

But then, watching her eyes slip closed, I was reminded of a similar story that ended very differently for the key players.

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