Thursday, August 13, 2009

My heart is broken

I hate these damn kids for making me feel such emotional extremes. Okay, well not the good end of the extremes, but the other end blows.

First. Day. Back. First time Evie was away from Mike or I for more than 2.5 hours, and that happened once.

I didn't want to completely spring going to Elba's on Layla, like just pull into her driveway and yell we're here, cause I knew this would be a tough transition for her. So I waited until I buckled her into the car seat (see, I DO have smartz) and we were on our way.
"Layla, you're going to Elba's today".
Processing, processing, processing...

"No mama! No! Go shopping. Layla go shopping with mama. I wanna go home. Go to gym. Go to park. Mama, NO"!

And this went on the entire 20 minute drive to Elba's.

I pulled up to the house with her still screaming, my nerves frayed from listening to it, and running late. I had to nurse Evie, cause I knew we'd be dealing with her little Gandhi hunger strike today, so I did that and took her up to the house. Of course she starts to cry when I pass her over, so Elba is left holding one screaming baby whom she's never met.

Um, hi.

I finally pry Layla out of her car seat and backseat, where she had wedged herself with her long ass Gumby limbs in a locked position. I practically punted her through the door from 50 yards to avoid THAT scene and got the hell out of Dodge. I cried the whole way up the hill to work.

Cursing Mike the whole way for not being a trust fund baby or an asshole job making lots of money, allowing me to stay home with them. Bass turd.

When I drove down at 11, Elba's granddaughter informs me that Evie was finally asleep after screaming for the last couple of hours. Dude, don't fucking tell me that. Of course I'm not going to wake her up, and tell them to call me when she wakes up. 45 minutes later when I get there after their call, she was crying. Again. She stopped the moment Elba handed her to me. Oh gods child, I'm sorry for doing this to you. She was fine when I passed her back off and sleeping when I picked her up. They didn't tell me if she cried the whole time, and I didn't ask. Granddaughter did not tell me this time, perhaps she got the hint when I punched her in the throat and gave her a body blow, the last time she shared information with me.

"Layla, honey? How was your day"
"I cried, mama. A lot".


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  1. oh April! I hope the drop-off gets a little bit easier everyday...