Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our favorite exhibit at the zoo

Yes, we have a zoo here. Since we got rid of our elephant who used to freeze her ass off up here in the winters, it is filled with cold climate animals.

We have some cool stuff. Polar bears, seals, black bears, brown bears, snow leopards. You know, some neat shit. And then we have the "zoo on a budget" animals. Magpies, ravens, raccoons, and eagles. All of which have their free peers regularly come to their cages and tease them. I have actually witnessed a raven flipping a free raven off. True story.

We have a family pass, so we go there a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. And this summer they are building a new infirmary. And since construction has started, Layla speed walks through the whole zoo until we hit the back hoe and other equipment exhibit. And she'll stand there until we literally have to pull her away. We even have to plan our route so that it's the last thing she sees or she wouldn't even walk around the regular zoo. I know the construction workers think we're insane, but she loves big equipment.

In fact, as I type, she is playing in her huge pan filled with rice with her back hoe, front end loaders, grater, and dump truck.

That's my girl.

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