Monday, August 17, 2009

There are days that I don't stop moving.

This was one of those days. And not by choice, but because motherhood often requires that of us.
I'm back to work now. Work is usually slow paced and quiet for me, so it provides for some down time on the average day. Unfortunately this was not one of those days at work. On the plus side though, I did get to spend the morning hiking and "goal setting" with some co-workers. It was nice to get my exercise in early, so I didn't have yet another thing to do when I got home.

I left work, and momydom took over. Other than to drive, I did not sit down until 6, for dinner. It went like this, and this day is nothing special:

*Pick up the girls and take them to the park to play in the creek. Layla wipes out in 4 inches of water seconds after getting there and freaks out. She wouldn't go through the water again to get off the little island we were on, so I had to soak myself by picking her up and carrying her, while also carrying Evie in the wrap.
*Get home and unload everything, while starting the bath water. Strip Layla down while loading everything in the washing machine.
*Bathing Layla while cleaning the bathroom at the same time, cause it's the only time that I get to clean the bathroom.
*Start dinner and cook dinner while cleaning up random dishes brought home from work, accumulated since we all got home, and preparing coffee and snacks for Layla's next day. All with Evie in her seat on the counter with me. Also bake a cake during this time and wash the kitchen floor.
*We eat. I sit for 10 minutes to eat. Evie starts to get fussy, so I finish quickly and wash the pots from dinner and load the dishwasher while preparing Evie's bath.
*Give Evie a bath, with the "help" of Layla. Clean up the puddles on the floor caused by said help.
*Lotion Evie, fold and put away laundry, and lay out clothes for the following day.
*Rock Evie until she falls asleep, or I finish the show I'm watching, whichever comes last.
*Go in for my turn to read and sing to Layla and take her to the potty.
*Come out to empty the dishwater and frost the cake.

And now? Sitting here, watching my dog whisperer, eating cake and trying to enjoy every second of the hour that I have before I have to shower and go to bed. Because I'm tired as fuck.

And this is what it means to be a mother. Always in motion. Always multi-tasking. Always planning ahead. Always.


  1. I go back to work in 2 weeks and I'm not looking forward to the craziness of it!

    I also clean the bathroom when Derek is in the tub- you're in there anyways and it needs to be done!

  2. I need to learn some of these multi tasking techniques. Mommydom is still new to me

  3. Oh, you'll learn them alright. Not necessarily because you want to, but because you have to or the world will implode. True story.