Friday, September 25, 2009

The Costume

The costume arrived. And I was terrified. As a twice failure at this whole Halloween thing, a lot was riding on this moment.

Layla spotted the polar bear on the front of the package and was psyched. Okay, good sign. But I've been faked out by the shuck and jive move that she can pull and flip the script with the speed of a jaguar. When in double, send daddy in.

Mike gets her suited up and you could feel the joy radiating from her. She was stoked. She loved it. And as she shuffles over to me, shaking with excitement, eyes intense, focused, and serious, she informs me that "Mama, I'M a Mr. Polar Bear"! It totally blew her mind.

The specialness of the moment didn't last though. Because although we didn't need to chase her around the house trying to get a freaked out Layla saved from an Elmo which apparently ate her, we did have to tackle her to get the sucker off. I'm fairly certain that she would still be wearing it if I hadn't peeled it off of her.

And now it's hidden, and I may not be the world's worst mama for much longer. Thank you Mr. Polar Bear.

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