Monday, September 21, 2009

She did it. She actually did it.

It was a difficult weekend for Layla. For whatever reason, she was pushing limits and testing boundaries more than usual. Which, of course, equals frustrating weekend for parents.

Now I KNOW that a big part of it is our fault. We didn't really do much, so she was bored. Bored toddler is never good.

Anyway, so she's moping around the living room on Sunday, looking for something to get pissed about. When she accomplished this, and I start to discipline her, she spits.

Now she doesn't spit with distance, she just forms it with her lips and lets it run down her chin. Lovely, huh? She does this pretty frequently, so it didn't draw too much attention. But then the little devil takes the spit wad from her chin and WIPES it on me.

I hate being spit on. Hate it. And here she is, my own daughter, spitting on me. Maybe not hacking a loogie on me, but spitting on me like I would imagine a Victorian lady doing it, still ends the same. With me covered with your spit. Gross.

I don't even like you.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so glad to know that I don't have the only spitter. Last week when I was picking Mia up from daycare, her teacher let me know that she spent some time on "the thinking chair" for spitting. Oh and the best part...when they put her on the chair, she stuck her tongue out at the teacher. Wonderful.
    I so feel your pain.