Friday, September 18, 2009

Worst possible timing.

The other day we were all sitting around in the living room just hanging out. We have two huge windows in that room, one on the west wall, and one on the north wall. We are also the last house on a street, and our yard opens up to a park, whose boundaries are a bluff and then the inlet.

What this does is provide the ideal setting for our windows to reflect the sky and trees around us, and a straight line for birds to come at us full speed. Oh yeah, now you got it.


Little birdie suicide. So we've had our share of casualties over the years. But this last time it happened, Layla was looking directly at the window and she saw the whole thing go down. Fortunately this particular bird lived and flew off, but it didn't change the lasting image that Layla now has seared into her memory. Now she can't stop talking about it.

And for real, like I need any more trauma on this kid to give her more issues.

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