Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shh. Nobody breath.

That baby that lives with us is sleeping. In her co-sleeper and NOT our bed. AND she fell asleep there on her own. I can't believe it. I usually lay with her and nurse her down, but tonight I wanted a cookie and she was still up and squirmy. So I laid her in the co-sleeper and went out into the living room. She did some aggressive talking and yelling, and I went back to pop her chupa back in her mouth twice, but then it all just stopped.

And she is asleep.

And if Layla comes and bangs on her door (RIGHT next door to our room), I'm gonna knock her out. Knock. Her. Out.

So perhaps she has a new skill? Or maybe she's always had it, and mama was too wussy to let her try it.

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