Sunday, September 6, 2009


And so it begins.

Evie is past the tweaker jumpy stage of baby and has moved onto grab, with purpose, anything around her. For some reason, Layla seemed to understand that when Evie would hit her during tweaker phase, it wasn't her fault. She never complained about Evie touching her. Ever.

But now that Evie is reaching for her and likes to touch her, Layla HATES it. The entire walk today, and it was a long one, I had to listen to Layla yelling and complaining about Evie touching her. Fortunately I was able to keep Bill Cosby's skit about kids touching each other in my mind so I could keep some sanity. But good lord. Enough of this.

I have how many years of this left to look forward to?

And the words "keep your hands to yourself" slowly creep up the list of most used and irritating to say.

Shit. Kids are full of a spectrum of challenges.


  1. next it will be, 'she's looking at me' and even better, 'she's breathing on me.'

  2. I don't know how you do it with all them damn kids. You're my hero. And should be institutionalized.