Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Underground Baby Railroad

How is it that there are some things that ALL babies know to do?

For example. How is it that all babies know to puff themselves up when you're putting on their seat belt? I have never put a belt on a baby who didn't either hold their breath or arch in a manner to make their body bigger than it is, only to exhale or shift when the belt is on to reveal just how loose the stupid thing really is.

Or that perfecting the single tear drop is a sure fire way to get whatever you want. I swear my kids have sat around and studied footage of that old commercial of a Native American surveying a polluted America, only to have a single, pronounced, tear drop fall down his face. I wonder where they found the footage, YouTube?

Screw the quest for answers on sleeping through the night, vaccinations, and how to feed your kid. If you want my attention, find an answer to how babies have this innate intelligence on seemingly random and bizarre things.


  1. I was just asking Rod this the other day. How do they all know they're supposed to blow raspberries? I read one day in a book that she's gonna do something because that's what babies do, then eventually she does it.
    BTW, I had no idea other babies did the back arch thing in the carseat.

  2. I didn't realize that she did the arch thing, but I always wondered why the seatbelt seemed so loose when I went to take it off.