Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh no. Layla is the glue eater.

Okay, maybe not yet, but she's on her way.

As I'm tucking her in tonight, she could not stay out of her nose. Now, our tuck in ritual is extensive, so she was all up in her nose for quite a while. At least through a decent sized story, Blue Skies, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and I'm a Little Teapot.

Finally after numerous prompts and attempts to get her to stop, I wipe her nose. Yeah, yeah, a good mom would have made this move much earlier, and, ah, probably NOT used her hand. Whatever. And I'm met with this:

"NO! Mama. I need that".

"You need what Layla"?


"Why do you need snot"?

"I need to EAT it, mama".

I truly did not expect to be speechless as much as I am at times while parenting. Really though, what do you say to that?


  1. you say boggers are in your nose, because they are not good for your body. the nose collects all the bad stuff. So it's not a good idea to eat it.. awe hell every child has to go through that phase.
    how about, you know other children will laugh at you if you do it in public.

  2. I just tell her she looks like an idiot.