Monday, September 7, 2009

Well, at least she has a sense of humor.

Layla did not have a sense of humor, AT ALL, for the longest time. Mike and I would work ourselves into a frenzy trying to get her grumpy ass to laugh. She finally developed one when she was older, but as a baby? Nope, nada.

Evie, on the other hand, simply won't stop laughing. Some of it is the kind that makes her look like a moron cause she is laughing at literally nothing. I know it could be worse, cause hell, it HAS been worse for us, but it does make her look a little stupid at times. Anyway, she laughs. Cool.

Except not all of her entertainment is harmless fun. Anytime that we are sleeping together (which is all the time at night cause she's in bed with us, and frequently when she naps, cause I'm lazy like that), and she wakes up before me, she has a funny little "game" she likes to do. It consists of her smacking me in the face, over and over until I open my eyes. She'll hit me, and you can hear her hold her breath for a few seconds to see if I open my eyes. If I do, she will laugh hysterically. If not, she throttles me again.

She sure thinks it's funny, because it cracks her shit up EVERY TIME she does it.

Bully, my little thug muffin.


  1. It must be funny because it's cracking my shit up too!