Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And now she thinks she's grown

I simply don't know where Layla gets much of what she says. We watch everything that she watches. Nobody watches her but us and Elba. And Elba only speaks Spanish, so unless she is translating things learned there to English to say, I seriously have no idea where some things come from.

For instance, she has become a bossy little shit lately. I was driving home today and she informed me that I need to "use both hands on the steering wheel". I'm sorry, what? Are you taking Alaska Driver's Ed while I'm not looking? If "ten and two" comes out of her mouth next, I might just have a stroke.

And while the bossy is often annoying, it is generally equally amusing, so it has it's pluses. And it doesn't help that she has a big old dose of adorable going for her. When I walked in on her nursing Mr. Polar Bear AND his brother and sister, I couldn't help but smile. Shoot, nursing one is enough, but tandem nursing him AND twins? She's supermom.

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