Monday, October 19, 2009

Layla vs. the apple

Having two kids has completely stripped ANY time that I might have for myself in the morning. I'm lucky to have enough time to do my hair and makeup before we wake up Layla. Mike is fantastic about getting Layla up, dressed, and started on breakfast, so I can concentrate on getting everything packed and piled on the table for Mike to take out to the car.

Okay, I'm off track. The point of this post was to talk about the time constraints because I no longer have enough time to make and eat a breakfast at home, so I eat it on the way to work. There isn't a lot of semi healthy options out there for breakfast on the go, so I eat and apple and peanut butter. Every day. Exciting, I know. And since Layla is a scavenger, I cut her 1/4 of my apple and put it in a little baggy every morning so that she can also eat while I am. You know, she's a team eater.

So this morning I hear her struggling with the baggy. It's not the kind that zips closed, it's a cheap sandwich bag that I've twisted up, but she was having a hard time with it. And the conversation I hear is this"

"Hi apple. I'll get you apple. Ugh, hey! APPLE, COME HERE, I'LL WIN!!! Aha, gotchya."

She cracks my shit up.

Oh, and I would like it noted that they are delicious, EXPENSIVE, honeycrisp apples. And while I often struggle with whether or not she is deserving of such a fine apple, I almost always share the good ones with her. Although I'd like to slip her a crappy macintosh every now and then.

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