Saturday, October 24, 2009


I took the girls to a little used clothes boutique that I frequent, just hoping to stumble on a good deal. The owner brings her 3 year old daughter in, and her employees do the same. They have a little play area set up for them and everything. I've been in before when the little girl was there, and she is a VERY friendly and social kid, and she has made several attempts to engage Layla. And Layla, the awkward one that she is, just kinda looked at her.

Well this time was different. We walked in and super social comes running up to Layla and says "do you wanna play with me"? And Layla SAID, wait for it...


Now, I think she found herself saying it before she really thought about it, cause it looked like it kinda surprised her when she said it. But anyway, she did, and off she goes with this little girl. It must be some kind of a marketing ploy, because I browsed that little shop for as long as they were "playing". I must have walked around that sucker for 45 minutes pretending to look at stuff, but watching them out of the corner of my eye. Layla wasn't really playing WITH the little girl, but she was by her, and interacting a bit. She would yell over to me "mama, I'm making muffins" when they were playing with the muffins. Or "mama, I'm playing boo" when they were jumping in and out of the dressing room. But she was playing. With another kid. Almost normal.

And when I could stall no more, and had looked at things for the 1000th time, I told her we had to leave. She was pissed, and we battled a fit, but when I told her to say thank you to the little girl, SHE DID! And she did it loud enough to be heard, and not whispered.

Dude, that is so awesome.

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