Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh my god, you are driving me crazy.

I'm certain that my child sits around thinking up shit to do to piss me off. What she can do or say to work her way down to my last nerve and work it like a bamboo shoot shoved under fingernails.
Tonight I was nearly embarrassed by Mike flashing some porn right in front of Layla. He was getting ready to go out to Best Buy for a while, leaving me with both girls, near Evie's bedtime, while I wasn't feeling great. This man that I love, looked over and said "hey, why don't I take Layla with me so you can put Evie down quietly and have some me time". I'm telling ya, that HAD to have been porn because he never looked sexier than he did at that moment.

I literally have no idea how single parents do it. While I love my kids with my whole heart, there are times I need to get the fuck away from them in order to keep my sanity. If I didn't have that option to just get up and go, I'm certain that I would have gone over the deep end long ago. And while I'm by no means the picture of emotional health, balance, and equilibrium, it is terrifying to consider what I would be like without this outlet.

So a shout out to my single parent friends. And if your kids are still alive and you're not up for murder charges, you are simply amazing.

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