Sunday, October 4, 2009

Broke people family outing

We were talking this weekend about how we should make a conscious effort to do at least one thing, all of us together, every weekend. After we determined that we were pathetic for having to go out of our way to think of ways to be good parents, we decided that we'd put the plan of action in today.

The obstacle that we faced was great. What to do as a family when you're broke. Payday is a ways off, so we needed to be creative. It was too cold and rainy for the zoo, which we have a season pass for, or any outside parks. When in doubt, go to the pet store, right?

She is still young enough that she doesn't understand that if she had good parents, those animals could actually go home with you, so that's a safe trip to make. Plus they give out free popcorn! Pet store saves the day.

And what could be better than the pet store? Top the outing off with a trip to Toys R Us to play with their train table and ride all their cool shit that is out on display. Plus, if you're careful, you can open some of those boxes and reseal them without ever being detected.

Layla thought she was slick though. As we're browsing toys, she spotted a dinosaur that she wanted to hold.

"Can I see it"?
"Can I hold it"?
"Can I see it at my house"?


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