Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Milking Time

I never knew that someone could milk every moment of every second of every minute when it comes to bedtime. Layla is a master of prolonging the bedtime routine. Some jackass in something that I read talked about the importance of routine. And we listened a little too well.
After Mike gives her a bath, lotions her, brushes her teeth, and gets the pajamas on, he goes into her room and reads her a story.

Then I go in and read her a story. Usually the same damn story that Mike just read to her. Then I hold her in my arms like a baby, while she lays over my lap and we sing songs together. I lay in bed with her for a minute and then leave, after giving her a kiss and telling her the rules of the night. You know, stay in bed, no telling stories by saying you have to go potty when you really don't, things like that.

And then the time milking begins. As soon as I start walking away, I get:

"Mama, can you give me a kiss"?

I do it and get about two steps away.

"Mama, can you give me a hug"?

Again, I comply and get a few steps away.

"Mama, can you cover me up"?

Yep, I do that too and then hit her music aquarium thing as I walk away, cause she still uses it to sleep. Which she immediately turns off.

"Mama, can you turn my music on"?

And on and on and on. It usually ends with "I HAVE to go potty" when I tell her that we're all done playing the game. And of course this causes a whole new set of stall tactics.

Evil mastermind, I tell ya.

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