Thursday, October 15, 2009

My poor chiropractor

I took the girls to the chiropractor today. Evie did great, she always does. Layla has never had a full adjustment done. She'll let him use the activator on her mid and lower back, but when he gets up by her neck, she would freak out a little and keep turning it to look and see what he is doing.

I really did go in having no expectations that Layla would even be interested in being adjusted, but much to my surprise, she hoped right up on the table. And as she lay there, he starts to adjust really low, pretty much on her butt. And there I sat talking about how remember, it's okay for mama, daddy, Elba, and doctors to touch your booty and vagina. This cracked him up, but I don't think he was terribly shocked because when I walked in, I informed him that Layla was convinced that he was the bagina doctor. Cause she has had to go to so many crotch appointments with me. Plus I had filled him in on having a pussy prayer circle, and he didn't run away screaming.

Anyway, the man laughed aloud when he finished and I said to Layla "dude, you did awesome! Pound it", and she gave me a fist bump. Yep, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy.

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