Monday, October 26, 2009

Okay, game on. Starting NOW.

I was trying to remember the other day at what age kids start to develop clear memories. For example, I have several foggy images and slices of memories from when I was very young, but I seem to remember about 3 being the age that memories can be trusted.

So I figure I have about 3 months left to get my shit together and start playing for keeps. Cause now it's gonna COUNT. And I don't want to hear her mouth in 20 years talking about how I messed her up for life cause I told her that she couldn't nurse or lying to her by telling her that the stuffed seal that I placed in front of the dreaded knot, actually ATE the knot, and it's gone. A lie she is already questioning and asking me to move the seal so she can see said knot.

Alright, warm ups are over and it's tip off.

Er, damn. Another blown parenting moment that I don't want to talk about.

Okay, starting NOW.


  1. The knot? I'm confused. Did you blog about it?

  2. I can't remember, Anne. She is afraid of one of the million knots in the wood in her room. I'm not kidding, they are EVERYWHERE in her room, but she is afraid of one in particular. Just the one.

    She has another one that she thinks looks like an ice cream cone.